Epic Encounters - Halls of the Orc King

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In winter, death comes down from the mountain where the orc king dwells. His followers launch brutal raids on nearby settlements before vanishing into the snow. All the while, rumours swirl that in his icy hall, the king grows stronger, his ambitions grander, and his army greater. It will take a group willing to brave the wilderness to thwart him.


20 Miniatures:
1x Grimfang Orc King
1x Grimfang Orc Shaman
2x Grimfang Orc Cook
2x Grimfang Orc Grog Master
2x Slaughter Kin Orog
2x Grimfang Orc Gladiator
4x Grimfang Orc mounted on Ice Shelf Polar Bear
6x Grimfang Orc (3 with bow, 3 with spear)
Double-sided game mat
Adventure book
Monster’s stats
Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

Sprache: Englisch