Animal Adventures - Cats of Gullet Cove

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Pounce on your next adventure as an intelligent feline bursting with character! These enchanting cats are fifth edition compatible and can be used in any tabletop roleplaying campaign. From a Persian warlock to a Tabby rogue, each cat has been lovingly designed and assigned a fantasy class. Now, they’re ready to join your adventuring party as player characters, companions, or familiars!

Inside this box you’ll find five fully assembled miniatures ready to paint or play. With these charming friends, you can explore the Animal Adventures world with the Secrets of Gullet Cove sourcebook*, or play as an intelligent cat in any fantasy campaign. The only limit is your imagination!


Eduardo, the canny Tabby rogue
Coral, the thoughtful Savannah wizard
Denira, the ingenious Persian warlock
McCoy, the grizzled Norwegian Forest Cat ranger
Pearl, the gentle Tortoiseshell sorcerer